How we started
East Coast Lifestyle

In our first episode of the East Coast Podcast we talk about the steps we took when starting East Coast Lifestyle. We also discuss how you can start your own business & some of the game changing moments that we’ve experienced.

Episode 2

James Tupper

In the second episode of the East Coast Podcast we talk with actor James Tupper about his career. James was born and raised in Nova Scotia and is best known for his work in Men In Tree's, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Big Little Lies & most recently The Hardy Boys. He represents how hard work pays off in the acting industry as he started from the bottom and worked his way to the very top.

Episode 3

Covered Bridge / Ryan Albright

In Episode 3 of the East Coast Podcast Alex sits down with the Founder of Covered Bridge Potato Chips Ryan Albright! 🎙 Ryan employees over 100 people in New Brunswick & has an awesome entrepreneurial story. With hard work & dedication they have grown to one of North America’s largest potato chip brands. On the episode we also talk about how East Coast Chips started & our next flavour releasing soon! ⚓️

Episode 4

King Of Donair

In Episode #4 of the East Coast Podcast Alex sits down with King Of Donair to hear their story. The originators of the Donair open up about their biggest moments on the journey & what got them where they are today. With dozens of locations across Canada & millions served, they’re created an iconic brand that people love.

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