Stories From the East Coast - All the Things I Miss

One of the things I love about home is friends and family; they are always there to support you in life. That is something I miss since I currently live in Alberta. An interesting thing about living in Alberta is wearing East Coast clothing here. You never know when you will bump into someone from back home. It's like a family reunion that happens wherever you meet. I first found out about East Coast Lifestyle from Facebook, and it began a new way of life.

Representing my coast, well, no one can ever say that people from the East Coast aren't amazing. They are always ready to say "hello" at the drop of a hat or willing to help you out if possible. I live here the same way as if I were back home. I am not sure if I will ever move back, but family, friends, the salty air, fish and chips, leaves changing color in the fall, and the beaches—those are the things I miss. So, wearing ECL clothing is a reminder of all those things I miss.

- Story by Shawn