We were extremely saddened to hear about the events that took place in Fort MacMurray, Alberta. Alex MacLean, CEO & Founder of EastCoast Lifestyle and WestCoast Lifestyle, has an uncle that works in Fort Mac and is still waiting to be evacuated so this all hits really close to home for us. The amount of support we’ve received from the residents of Fort MacMurray over the years has brought us to where we are today so we wanted to join in the efforts to help those affected by this terrible tragedy. The selfless support we’ve seen from not just East Coasters and Canadians, but the world, has been amazing and we just wanted to do our part in helping our fellow Canadians. 100% of our profits for the weekend of May 6-8th are being donated to Red Cross Canada and will then be matched by the Government of Canada. We’re proud and excited to announce that we raised $5,625.31 all thanks to you, our loyal and dedicated fans. That means a total of $11,250.62 will be donated. What an amazing community we have here! The support from everyone from coast to coast has been over-whelming and we couldn’t thank everyone enough for playing a role in supporting our fellow Canadians. 
Along with these donations, we’re also working with local charities to donate clothing to those in need. We’d like to send our prayers and well wishes to everyone effected by this terrible event and are here to help rebuild Fort MacMurray in any way we can. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to e-mail us at info@eastcoastlifestyle.com.