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Happy November, East Coast'ers! With Christmas just around the corner, we're very proud to introduce a new selection of accessories to add to our collection. We have brand new bow ties, tie clips, & lapel pins (perfect for your dad, business associate, or.. YOU)! All of these products were produced in Canada by local entrepreneurs. We also introduced two styles of anchor infinity scarves for the ladies. This is one of the highest requested items we had over the last few years so we figured now is the perfect time to introduce them. We also have new socks, duffle bags & lip chap. Only limited quantities available on all of our newest items. Don't miss out on the perfect Christmas gift this season.

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  • Is there anything way to get a 5 XL sweatshirt?
    My brother has been in hospital 3 years with a rare disease..which made him a quadraplegic.
    I always wear my Eastcoast clothing when I visit every year and he loves the clothing and story of how the company started.
    He use to be a clothing store owner…so that is why it intrigues him

    It is difficult dressing him…why he needs such a large size.Plus his wife has to get all his tops made into adaptive clothing.
    Please let me know if I can special order one.

  • So disappointed in the sweatshirt I just received. It’s super thin and cheap looking. Checked the tag – “made in China”. Really?!?! What happened to “Canadian Made” items??

    C Heartley
  • I’m obsessed with the infinity scarves. I’m getting both colours!! And the tie clip for my husband, of course.


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