We're proud to introduce our new & unique fall collection. Full of camouflage, flannel, tartan combinations & more - we have everything you need all in 1 place. All of our newest items are limited edition & will not be restocked so get yours today before they're all sold out! We have over 7 new hat styles - including a green camo hat, blue camo, new strap backs and more. Match your new flannel zip up hoodie with one of our new flannel hats! Get creative - but most importantly, tag @eastcoastlifestyle on social media so we can see how your wearing your newest threads! 

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  • Wow, so the sold out items won’t be restocked? That is really disappointing. The announcement only came out on Friday and I didn’t get a chance to get on here until today; only 48 hours and it is already too late for the items I wanted. Not restocking the most popular items doesn’t seem like a good business model. I created an account today just for these items, and now I wonder if I’ll ever use it. I’m very sad now.

  • Amazing guys. Keep it up

  • I love this collection! Best one yet. The Nova Scotia tartan flannel is soo cool!!


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